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Christian Holtmann, Piotr Rambowski

March 16th - April 17th 2018
Opening reception: March 15th

Bromance is the word creation from Brother and Romance and thus anglicism for male friendship. A study recently put forward the thesis: "The best friend makes men happier than the partner."

So how can we imagine such a manly friendship in art? The two artists Christian Holtmann and Piotr Rambowski were master students of Karin Kneffel at the University of the Arts in Bremen. For many years they share a studio and see each other like that every day. The project of this exhibition originated from the idea of ??transferring the studio to the gallery space and giving the visitor an insight into the process and the routine behind the pictures. Her art, which at first glance does not have much in common, unites a mutual influence. Conversations, ideas and states of mind that spring from everyday life become part of her work intuitively and subconsciously. Similar to a relationship, this creates a metamorphosis that is based on a mutual influence.

The Evelyn Drewes Gallery shows for the first time both artists in a direct comparison. We look forward to an exhibition with a lot of feeling shown by Christian Holtmann and Piotr Rambowski.

 (Nele Müller)