Daniel BehrendtDaniel Behrendt lab II
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Daniel Behrendt

lab II/2018
June 2nd - July 13th 2018
Opening reception: June 1st, 6 PM

Daniel Behrendt's architectural painting is characterized by a characteristic intensity.

He finds his thematic emphases in the illustration of Urban Landscapes. These do not serve as portraits of geographical locations, but to outline milieus and to capture specific moods and atmospheres.

For his paintings, Behrendt collects impressions and photographic snapshots of his paths through urban milieus. He writes: "Amazing in which rear corners one inhabited, discovered mostly brachial and mercilessly settled concrete cubes. Who lives in such a place, what does this life look like and what parallels can be drawn there for the general public? "

The image in Behrendt's work should be clear from the oil color. By building up layers, which among other things also leads to the fact that the structure of the canvas takes a back seat, materiality should become clear.

"I believe in a certain power that emanates from the color and helps those seen to become noticeable."

As sober as his pictures appear at first glance, they create an obvious presence. He finds dignity and mystery in what the observer rates as unpretentious and heartless contemporary architecture. The wall, the plaster, the pigments, the window, the projection - their physical presence is striking, without allusion and masquerade.

In a recent series of works on paper, specially made for the exhibition, simple, geometric forms are presented centrally on the format.

Shown are shadowy circular formations in a number of variations, which captivate by their sharp contours and contrarily, by their dissolution phenomenon. An exact shaping is in contrast to the organic structure of the pastose paint application, which dominates the paper. Simplicity, playfulness and a certain lightness should be expressed in these works. The reduction in painting, the tightrope walk between figurativeness and abstraction are - as in Behrendts other works - fixed constants.