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Michael Peltzer "Collagen"

Collage with paper, newspaper, magazines
29 x 21 cm

380 € per collage


While the colours of his canvas dry, Michael Peltzer devotes himself to the passion of doing collages from materials like paper and magazines, with tools like scissors, scalpel and glue. The used materials arise from his proud collection of old newspapers and magazines from 1950s to 1980s. Therefore, every collage is a unique specimen, a relic or memory of the longest past times, consisting of remains of the last decades cultural history. The use of these old collector's items arises his predilection for such objects. Their smell, the printing method, the superficial state with all tears, scratches, faded colours and gone yellow edges, fascinate Michael Peltzer and he brings it into his work. Therefore every collage contains beside all scraps and torn paper also an history. With the direct confrontation of the "monster invasion" painting series and the collages one could mean, latter exist merely as presentation for later with acrylic on nettle conceived pictures. Indeed, the collages do not always intend to be a patternmodel to a following painting. They are an independent workgroup.

Just as with the painting Michael Peltzer does not attend a surrealistic claim with the concept of his collages. It is a matter of abstracting objects and figures. While pouring his colours as well as with the glue of the press clippings, Michael Peltzer is guided towards the accidental appearance of the colourcontrasts as well as towards his aesthetic images to colour and form. Some a colour course may also seem random. But it is always about a total concept of the colours, a teamwork which can get from the balance by the smallest mistake.