exchanging realitiesexchanging realities
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"exchanging realities"

Alex Feuerstein (Koop. Galerie Burster, Berlin)
Li-Wen Kuo
Opening reception: July 20th, 6 PM
Run-time: July 21th - August 31th 2018

In the exhibition Exchanging Realities the images of Alex Feuerstein and Li-Wen Kuo come together with their each individual pictorial perspectives. They not only engage in dialogue with each other, but also invite the viewer to a mutual survey of reality. The exchange opens up a space of multiple realities, just as conversely, the multiple realities open a space for exchange.

Alex Feuerstein uses abstract situations to send the viewer to search for meaning, association and subjective perception. Together with the individual expectation and coinage, a new variable is created which creates an incalculable scope. When choosing his motifs, the artist is interested above all in the everyday - unspectacular-looking snapshots and vague memories without context, which in their banality convey a certain absurdity.

He regularly adds "props" to these scenes, which are attributed attribute-wise to the person in the picture. In projecting an idea, image objects are more like symbols arranged as concrete illustration. And in order to assign equal importance to all elements of his imagination, Feuerstein integrates them painterly in the whole without subordinating himself to perspective and logical boundaries.

Repeatedly, the artist contrasts soft, organic textures with hard, monochrome colored surfaces. Without giving it a hierarchical structure, an intertwining of figure and environment arises. A central part of his work is the application of color surfaces and the removal of this color by blades, paint knives and by grinding the surface. This creates the basis for Feuerstein's multilayered proofs of painting - with sharp edges and soft structures at the same time.

Li-Wen Kuo, as an artist, relies on the concept of strong individuality. The principle of series is foreign to her work. Even when the viewer discovers variations in her work, each image is continually growing out of itself and thus able to access its power from the forms. Nevertheless, all images feed from the same light source, which almost always appears as a shine on the surface. Where there’s no shine, one senses its subtle presence, which isa ttempting to break through the picture.

What is the visible? What is the invisible? In English, Looming means the foreboding of a shadowy form or creature. The person or thing is far away and is seen through fog. It has an elusive quality and an obscure identity. Such loomings happen in Kuo’s paintings. The blurring of contour or the transparent forms are not always responsible for the uncertainty of one’s view. There is something that eludes itself. Behind the abundance that one sees, there is something hidden.

The rigor of each individual composition correlates with a release of content. In their openness, the images establish a relationship with the viewer. What Kuo aims for with her work is the limitless energy of this relationship.