Karin Kneffel MeisterklasseKarin Kneffel Meisterklassen
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Karin Kneffel Meisterklassen


October 14th - November 24th 2016
Opening reception: October 13th, 6pm

Artists: Daniel Behrendt, Verena Hägler, Christian Holtmann, Patricia Lambertus, Christian Probst, Felix Rehfeld, Marina Schulze, Melanie Siegel, Martin Spengler, Sibylle Springer

Curated by Karin Kneffel

Karin Kneffel - one of the most significant and most successful German artists of our time - curated exclusively for the Evelyn Drewes Gallery a group exhibition with a selection of her master-class pupils from 16 years of apprenticeship.

The famous painter, even master-class pupil with Gerhard Richter, already acts since 2000 as a professor in German academies of arts.

After many years of teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Bremen, she was appointed in 2008 to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where she pursues her teaching position as professor for painting until today.

Now she brings 10 artists from different academic years of both academies to Hamburg, representing a spectrum of artistic types.

From the classic painting of the still life, architecture and scenery motives about various printing methods, collages, sculptures up to installations and photography 10 master-class pupils offer a wide oeuvre in artistic representation forms and styles. What unites the diverse artistic approaches, is the central starting point for painting.

The appointment as "master class" stands in art-academies in a long tradition and is regarded as a personal honouring which selected students will be awarded by their professor. The title testifies to the traditionally intimate student-teacher ratio and a high technical skill.