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Lev Khesin

"Neon Black"

January 23rd - February 26th 2016
Opening reception: January 22nd, 6pm


Is it about enlightenment? Anyway, if you like the concept of literal understanding. The light penetrates the clear material: Colored layers shine through, flicker and glow. They mingle and oscillate in its various shades depending on the viewer's position and depending on the time of day. A single beam of light can bring a deeper lying color to glow, let it shimmer mysteriously dissipate or diffuse. The boundaries between the individual color fields are never clearly perceived because these are no surfaces, but depths from which a tone climbs up.

Only the ragged edges - where the growth of the picture is readable - divulge the whole multilayer color. Here only one recognises the big expenditure of the artist to squeeze the material in a form having in his mind him without losing the natural energy of his resistance.

But it is not the technique of execution, but a special knowledge of the meaning, which can be expressed thus, makes a picture a work of art. It is precisely this knowledge that makes the technology vividly. And that what lives, changes, passes through phases, lays back sections, creates something new. From the sequence of the various phases the artistic development can be read. In the technique, which does not exhaust itself solely in the craftsmanship, maybe there's an answer to the question what puts out then the new.

(Irena Akopjan)