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Li Wen Kuo

"Watchlist II/2016"

September 10th - October 12th 2016
Opening reception: September 9th, 6pm
Seasonstart galleries at Kontorhausviertel

For the second time in this year, we present a young, emerging artist in our exhibitionseries "Watchlist". In "Watchlist II/2016" we show Prof. Gustav Kluge's and Marcel van Eeden's masterclass pupil Li-Wen Kuo.

Kazimir Malevich's Black Square marks the zero point of reduction in painting, forcing the artist to confront the question of what he can create anew or afresh. The only possible departure from this zero point is into the positive. Besides the perception of pure form, Li-Wen Kuo is drawn to exploring the spiritual core of a work - an immaterial essence that cannot be perceived by the senses - and does this by using intuition and conscious control as equally important tools. Each element in this work by Kuo is placed in relation to the other elements. Kuo is committed to trusting a painting's formation, learning to see it before finally guiding its further development. The inner logic of the composition conveys a meaning beyond pure form. Therein lies a parallel to wordless but far from speechless music.