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Melanie Siegel

"Watchlist II/2017"

May 13th - June 23rd 2017
Opening reception: May 12th, 6pm

Melanie Siegel had already participated last year in the master-class exhibition of Karin Kneffel „meistern“ at our gallery. Now we are looking forward to present her this year in our exhibition series "Watchlist".

In her works, Melanie Siegel devotes herself to a new type of landscape painting, which could be described as an urban landscape painting. She takes her motifs from her everyday environment and captures them photographically or graphically. In the studio, she adds imaginary details to the found motifs, puts the fragments of different origins in a new context in order to approach the individually important pictorial moment, thus gives rise to familiar and unfamiliar situations. This transformation is evocative of romanticism and generates a link between reality and imagination.

The manner of painting suggests a precise depiction of reality from a distance, but evaporates on closer inspection and makes undefined picture elements visible. Illusion and abstraction, precisely painted and resolved pictorial elements merge fluently. The depiction of reality  gradually dissipate. The staggered spatial construction, which allows only fragmentary views of the entire scenery, also emphazises the loss of the sense of reality. The absence of people in these urban landscapes makes the plant world appear to be overwhelming at the same time.

On the whole, the coloration, illumation and the concise picture selection produce a mysterious atmosphere that encourages the viewer to explore these mysteriously constructed natural landscapes and evoke associations with the current debate on environmental imbalance or climate change.