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Mena Moskopf

"Watchlist III/2017"

September 9th - October 3rd 2017
Opening reception: September 8th at 6 pm

Driven by the joy of combining physical, visual and intellectual understandings, the work of Mena Moskopf emerges. A very important aspect is the pause and emphasis of the moment. The lust for sight and the game of observation triggers a process of recognition in a fluid, fast-moving and super-saturated media time.

The models of the painterly works are therefore taken from the real as well as the digital life. Decisive for the selection of photographs and screenshots of persons are their intensity in expression. The situations come mainly from everyday occurrences and raise questions about the changed perception of self and others. In graphic painting, this moment of pausing is counterposed to the flow of media images. The moment is captured and either left or circumcised and reassembled. He is dissected to represent and fathom him. At the same time, the works retain a lightness in their implementation, which allows the observer not only a scientific but also a purely sensuous approach.

The seemingly soft lines at first glance let the observer glide into a flowing interplay of movement, which, with figurative moments, gives the eye support in its composition. The ink drawings are painted with the brush on semi-transparent papers. Some of them are papered directly onto the wall, creating a direct relationship with the surrounding space. The natural border of a picture is lifted and the viewer enters with the space in which the picture also hangs the image. He no longer projects his thoughts and references only into a flat work, but begins to expand and almost to inhabit it through his movement. The combination of intellectual and physical experience allows the viewer to experience a euphoric play with their own perception.

The multi-layered possibility of approaching the work is reflected in the technique of the layered overlapping of semitransparent papers. The painted lines, which are located between, under or on the top side, connect and divide the different levels. In their intensity, they thus appear on the example of the black ink from deep black to light gray. Not only in the painterly and material-related implementation, the superimposition of perceptual and social issues becomes clear, but also in the deliberately critical and humorous title.

Mena Moskopf directs the view of the possibilities of painterly freedom and the associated responsibility to the interpersonal understanding in a perception influenced by digital media and the correlated experience of the moment.