Hirofumi Fujiwara

Solo Exhibition "You're my Utopia"

March 05 – April 19, 2020

Art Gluchowe
Schloss Forderglachau

Schloßplatz 5a
08371 Glachau

Achim Riethmann

Group exhibition "Aquarell"

April 07 – July 05, 2020

Neue Sächsische Galerie
Neue Chemnitzer Kunsthütte e.V.

Moritzstraße 20
09111 Chemnitz

Li-Wen Kuo

"Jetzt! Junge Malerei in Deutschland"

Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Exhibition: 14th February to 17st May 2020
Opening: 13th February 2020, 7pm

Kunstmuseum Bonn
Exhibition: 19 September 2019 to 19 January 2020

Museum Wiesbaden
Exhibition: 20 September 2019 to 19 January 2020

Kunstsammlung Chemnitz, Museum Gunzenhauser
Exhibition: September 21, 2019 to January 19, 2020

No artistic medium has experienced as many positive and negative attributions as painting. With the exhibition project »Now! Young Painting in Germany «, the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Museum Wiesbaden, the art collections Chemnitz - Museum Gunzenhauser and the Deichtorhallen Hamburg are trying to determine the current state of the medium. The aim is to provide a valid cross-section of the young painting produced in Germany, taking into account all its manifestations.

Lev Khesin

Groupexhibition "Image_Object (The Visual and the Physical)"

Exhibition opening January 16, 5:30 – 6:30 pm
January 17–19, 2020, January 28 – February 27, 2020

Jake Walker, Tineke Porck, Billy Gruner, Paul Moncrieff, Suzie Idiens, Sarah Keighery, Lev Khesin, Carolyn Wigston, Anya Pesce, Louise Blyton, Diane Scott, Stephen Wickham, Aaron Martin, Deb Covell, Lisa Sharp, Eloise Kirk, Steven Carson, Dan Rocha, Anne Mestitz, Terri Brooks, Pia Løye, Nicola Staeglich, Ivan De Menis, Ryllton Viney, Lisa Patroni, Michael Muruste, Paul Snell, Noah Spivak, Patrizia Biondi, Molly Thomson, Marlene Sarroff, Ian Wells, Monique Lacey, Paul Bishop, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Magda Cebokli, Michelangelo Russo, Jennifer Jabu, Pim Piët, Susan Andrews, Kevin Lund, David Marsden, Jamin Kluss, Ilkka Parni, Jeff Conefry, Brent Hallard and Louise Gresswell

Poimena Gallery
36 Button Street
Mowbray, Australien

Achim Riethmann


Opening December 02, 2019, 5–9 pm
December 02–07, 2019

Robert Chambers, Carol Jazzar, Christian Eterovic, Mette Tommerup, Tanner Goldbeck, Sandy Shimooka, Erin D. Garcia, Marcel Scheible, Sue Irion, Ruth Widmer, Susanne Schwieter, Dan Künzler, Achim Riehtmann, Markus Hoffmann

Alfred I. Dupont Building
169 East Flagler Street
Downtown Miami
FL 33131, Enter from Ne 2nd Ave

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo exhibition "American Standard"

Exhibition opening November 29, 7 pm
November 30, 2019 – January 11, 2020

Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal e.V.
42103 Wuppertal

Marion Fink

Duo exhibiton with Sebastian Neeb
"A curious imprint of reality"

Vernissage on November 29, 6–8 pm
30. November – 21. Dezember 2019

BEERS London
1 Baldwin Street
London, United Kingdom

Marion Fink

Duoexhibition with Enikö Márton

"Analogous Dimensions"

Exhibition opening November 14, 2019, 6–8:30 pm
November 15, 2019 – January 23, 2020

C24 Gallery
560 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Lev Khesin

Soloexhibition "Inner forest"

November 7th–30th, 2019

West End Gallery
137 Adderley Street
West Melbourne
Victoria 3003, Australia

Robert Vellekoop

Group exhibtion "aufbrechen"
Barlachhalle K

Groupexhibiton of Landesverband Hamburger Galerien e.V.

Opening: October 31, 4 pm
October 31 – November 10, 2019

The thematically designed exhibition will show a work of art from each participating gallery that has previously been selected by a jury of renowned names. Patron of the show is cultural senator Carsten Brosda.

The gallery owners are available to you as a dialogue partner on site. There will also be guided tours both in the exhibition and to the galleries at their respective locations. Please refer to the dates of our further announcements and the press.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalouge.

Opening hours: daily 12 am – 7 pm

Barlach Halle K
Klosterwall 13
20095 Hamburg

Lev Khesin

Solo exhibition (curated by Gianluca Ranzi)

October 19 – November 30, 2019

Artea Gallery
Corso Buenos Aires
52-20124 Mailand

Tobias Köbsch

Gruppenausstellung "Check your head"
aktuelle Positionen des Portraits in der Malerei

14. September – 28. September 2019

Florian Bielefeld, Steven Black, Sebastian Gögel, Henriette Grahnert, Paule Hammer, Anton Henning, Henning Kles, Tobias Köbsch, Grit Richter, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Kristina Schuldt, Matthias Weischer,

C. Rockefeller Center for contemporary Arts
Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 54 HH
01097 Dresden

Marion Fink

Groupexhibition "NICHTSALSSCHÖNHEIT 5 Release"

August 28, 2019, 7 pm

Miracles come true!!!
For the fifth time NICHTSALSSCHOENHEIT drops its covers: we celebrate the festive release of this year's Wunderausgabe

Alessandro Rauschmann, André Simonov, Anna Steinert, Annette Lober, Caroline Schmidt, Claus Georg Stabe, Daniel Kupferberg, Diana Sirianni, Don Doe, Ernst Markus Stein, Esther Fritzsche, Fritz Bornstück, Gustavo Abascal, Hassina Taalbi, Heat*istic collective, Jan Koslowski, Janes Haid Schmallenberg, Jazael Zapata, José Antonio Elguezabal, Juliane Tief, Kassandra v. Aschenbach, Katie Armstrong, Lola Göller, Lou Hoyer, Maia Traine, Marion Fink, Maximilian Thiel, Natalja Korotyaeva, Nschotschi Haslinger, Olivia Guigue, Peter Hartwig, Ricarda Kiel

Eigen + Art LAB
Torstraße 220
10115 Berlin

Achim Riethmann

"EIGENBEDARF" Groupexhibition in Berlin Wedding / Uferhallen

Exhibition opening with open ateliers and performances
on August 24, 2019, 4–12 pm

August 25 – September 01, 2019

Artists: Stefan Alber, Lotta Antonsson, Liu Anping, Rosa Barba, Quirin Bäumler, Anke Becker, Ilaria Biotti, Antje Blumenstein, John Bock, Peter Böhnisch, Monica Bonvicini, Peter Dobroschke, Thomas Draschan, Sven Drühl, Elisa Duca, Maria Eichhorn, Lena Marie Emrich, Valérie Favre, Elena Alonso Fernandez, Heiner Franzen, Matthias Galvez, Wolfgang Ganter, Yael Graetz, Lena von Goedeke, Asta Gröting, Katharina Grosse, Kerstin Gottschalk, Harriet Groß, Sebastian Gumpinger, Henrik Håkansson, Nicolai Huch, IOCOSE, Miriam Jonas, Peter Klare, Fabian Knecht, Peter Knoch, Jerry Kowalsky, Kunstblock and beyond (Pantea Lachin, Ina Wudtke), Philipp Lachenmann, Ricard Larsson, Werner Liebmann, Adriana Alicia Fanés Molins, David Moses, Jan Muche, Rainer Neumeier, So Young Park, Manfred Peckl, Andrea Pichl, Tristan Pranyko, Achim Riethmann, Tanja Rochelmeyer, Ulf Saupe, Hansjörg Schneider, Kerim Seiler, Anaïs Senli, Yaqin Si, Friedemann von Stockhausen, Isaac Chong Wai, Klaus Weber, Lois Weinberger, Pete Wheeler, Karen Winzer, Norbert Witzgall, Deniz Zagli

Uferstr. 8
13357 Berlin-Wedding

Tobias Köbsch

Groupexhibition "Die Zukunft ist das neue Ding"

August 10 – September 02, 2019

curation and organisation by Nora Mona Bach and Sebastian Gerstengarbe

Alexander Schellbach, Anne Baumann, Bianca Strauch, Caterina Behrendt, Christian Weihrauch, Christine Matzke, Claas Gutsche, Florian Bielefeldt, Franca Bartholomäi, Frank Petzold, Franz Rentsch, Hartmut Kiewert, Ilko Koestler, Jana Gunstheimer, Jay Gard, Katrin Hanusch, Marc Fromm, Marianne Thurm, Martin Schuster, Mattes Fischer, Nick Teplov, Nicolas Engele, Niklas Müller, Nikolaus Faßlrinner, Nora Mona Bach, Oliver Bekiersz, Paul Arne Meyer, Paul Sörgel, Paul Werner, Philipp Haucke, Rawad Atfeh, Regina Stiegeler, Rüdiger Franke, Sara Möbius, Sarah Deibele, Sebastian Gerstengarbe, Sebastian Harwardt, Sebastian Nebe, Sophie Kurzer, Steffen Braumann, Taiyoh Mori, Thomas Rabisch, Thomas Rug, Tobias Gellscheid, Tobias Köbsch, Tobias Teschner, Torsten Enzio Richter, Ulrike Zabel, Wieland Payer

Kunststiftung des
Landes Sachsen-Anhalt
Neuwerk 11
06108 Halle (Saale)

"Ism" 12th International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts in Dresden

What is art, what can art and, in particular, what is art allowed to do? Should we reset, reset, re-consider attitudes and attitudes, use ism as a discussion and mindset, direct the expanded concept of art as a universal destiny of human creativity to all areas of the lifeworld reality "ism"? Several hundred national and international artists are participants in this year's Ostrale. We are pleased that the artists Christian Holtmann, Johannes Kersting, Tobias Köbsch, Thorsten Passfeld and Achim Riethmann are participating.

July 03 – September 01, 2019

Historische Tabakfabrik
Schandauer Str. 68
01277 Dresden (Striesen)

Marion Fink

Ping Pong Basel 2019
Groupexhibition Eigen + Art Lab
(Side event to Art Basel 2019)

12. – 16. Juni 2019

Projektraum M54
Mörsbergerstr. 54
CH-4057 Basel

Robert Vellekoop

Solo exhibition "Fiasko"

31. Mai – 12. Juli 2019

Philipp Haverkampf Galerie
Mommsenstr. 67
10629 Berlin

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo exhibition "UNDEFINED"

17. Mai – 04. Juli 2019

galerie januar
Verein zur Förderung junger Kunst e.V.
Eislebener Straße 9 / In der Schuttenbeck
44892 Bochum-Langendreer

Marion Fink

Group exhibition "Think in pictures"
Donald Baechler, Kevin Baker, Tarra Bandet, Sara Berman, Sam Bornstein, André Butzer, Daniel Davidson, Matt Dillon, Sante D’Orazio, Dusty Studio, Marion Fink, Norbert Fleischer, Torben Giehler, Karl H. Hödicke, Andy Hope 1930, Marcel Hüeppauff, Paula Kamps, Miranda Laprelle, Nemo Librizzi, Kunle Martins, Robert Medvedz, Daniel Mendel-Black, Malcom Morley, John Newsom, Jason Newsted, Jack Pierson, Dash Snow, Andreas Schmitten, Sarah Sweeney, Jacques Villeglé, Kosmo Vinyl, Julia von Eichel, Ouattara Watts, Eric Wiley, Wendy White und Josef Zekoff

15. Mai – 21. Juni 2019

32 Orchard Street New York
NY 10075

Melanie Siegel

Exhibition Gibt es das auch in Gelb?

Stefanie Hofer und Melanie Siegel

May 13 – June 16, 2019
Vernissage on May 12 at 11 am

Galerie Markt Bruckmühl

Sonnenwiechser Str. 12
83052 Bruckmühl

Melanie Siegel

Groupexhibition KUNST AKTUELL

May 12 – June 23, 2019
Vernissage on May 11, 6 pm

Städtische Galerie Rosenheim

Max-Bram-Platz 2
83026 Rosenheim

Tobias Köbsch

Group exhibition "Die Erfindung der Zukunft"

10. Mai – 03. November 2019

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Japanisches Palais
Palaisplatz 11
01097 Dresden


Marion Fink

Groupexhibition NUDE female bodies by female artists

Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft, Huma Bhabha, Juno Calypso,
Diana de Rosa, Marion Fink, Maria Gimenez, Natalia Gontcharova,
Barbara Hammer, Dorothy Iannone, Anne Imhof, Marie-Jo Lafontaine,
Madeleine-Jeanne Lemaire, Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen,
Jeanne Mammen, Ana Mendieta, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Anita Rée,
Aida Ruilova, Carolee Schneemann, Lara Schnitger, Deborah Sengl,
Cindy Sherman, Elisabetta Sirani, Elaine Sturtevant, Mickalene Thomas,
Rosemarie Trockel, Anna Uddenberg, Ambera Wellmann, Hannah Wilke,
Sue Williams, Allison Zuckerman

May 04 – October 01, 2019

Villa Schöningen

Berliner Straße 86
14467 Potsdam

Achim Riethmann

Group exhibition You Are Here

Works from the Peters-Messer Collection

April 6 – May 4, 2019
Opening on April 6, 4–8 pm

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Solo exhibition LUXURIA

March 30 – May 17, 2019

W & F Kunstraum

Hallorenring 1
06108 Halle (Saale)

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo show EASY as far as we can see

March 03 –  April 14, 2019
Opening on March 02, 4 pm

Kunsthalle Bremerhaven

Karlsburg 4
27568 Bremerhaven

Li-Wen Kuo

Group exhibition Porträts zum 70.

With works by Mary Ellen Carroll, Janusz Czech, Jürgen Jaumann, Siegfried Kaden, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Yury Kharchenko, Yongchul Kim, Florian Klette, Ralph Ku?nzler, Li-Wen Kuo, Jonathan Meese, Ed Sommer, YongSa Sommer, Ulrike Zilly and Waldemar Zimbelmann

February 16 until March 30, 2019
Opening: Saturday, February 16, 2019, 6 – 8 pm. Introduction: Helmut A. Müller

Nordheimer Scheune
Talstr. 31/1
74226 Nordheim

Torsten Ruehle

Group exhibition Villa Heike and other stories

Bram Braam, Pierre Granoux, Vanessa Henn, Valérie Leray, Wiebke Loeper, Jens Lüstraeten, Arwed Messner, Manfred Pernice, Sophia Popéry, Peter Ruehle, Torsten Ruehle, Michael Schäfer (photo), Sonya Schönberger, Nina E. Schönefeld, Christof Zwiener

Februar 17 – March 16, 2019

Lage Egal (Villa Heike)

Freienwalder Str. 17
13055 Berlin-Alt-Hohenschönhausen

Tesfaye Urgessa


December 17, 2018 – February 10, 2019

Le Gallerie degli Uffizi
Piazzale degli Uffizi 6
50122 Florenz

Achim Riethmann

Group show

December 1, 2018 – January 26, 2019

Bambi goes Art, das Banale in der Kunst

Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst Osnabrück e. V.
Kunstraum hase29
Hasestr. 29-30
49074 Osnabrück

Participating artists:
Benjamin Bergmann, Renke Brandt, Claire Fontaine, Via Lewandowsky, Michael Müller, Quadrature, Thomas Rentmeister, Tobias Rehberger, Achim Riethmann, Marion Tischler, Susanne Tunn, Erwin Wurm

Robert Sturmhoevel

Group show

November 23 - 25, 2018


Große Bleichen 34
20354 Hamburg

Participating artists:
Felix Baxmann, Stefan Bircheneder, Viola Bittl, Lukasz Chrobok, Sven Drühl, Tim Freiwald, Martin Gremse, Vivian Greven, Isabelle Heske, Janus Hochgesand, Steffen Kern, Anselm Kiefer, Daniel Knorr, Ruth May, Anselma Murswiek, David O‘Kane, Irina Ojovan, Magnus Plessen, Carlos Sagrera, Nico Sawatzki, Florian Schmidt, Bettina Scholz, Stefan Strumbel, Robert Sturmhoevel, Clemens Tremmel, Malte van de Water, Alicia Viebrock, Ulla von Brandenburg, David Benedikt Wirth, Andrea Zabric und Natalia Zaluska

Li-Wen Kuo

Group show

November 23, 2018 – January, 19, 2019


Galerie Burster
Kurfürstendamm 213
10719 Berlin

Participating artists:
Jessica Buhlmann, Li-Wen Kuo, Maria Schumacher, Karolin Schwab

Arno Beck

November 16 - 18, 2018

BLOOOM Award Finalist 2018 by Warsteiner

Art Düsseldorf
Areal Böhler
Hansaallee 321
40549 Düsseldorf

Achim Riethmann

November 14, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Rita Nowak & Achim Riethmann

Opening Tuesday, November 13, 7 pm

Curated by Sebastian C. Strenger, the Austrian artist Rita Nowak engages in an artistic dialogue with the winner of the Walter Koschatzky award, Achim Riethmann, on the so-called Zwischenwelt. This arises between appearance and disappearance - photography meets conceptual painting and sculpture. Both positions fragment their world view of things and surprising things come to light.

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Contaminated Dream
Galerie Anton Stadt

November 11 – December 22, 2018

Galerie Antonstadt
Kamenzer Str. 19
01099 Dresden


October 18th - October 21st 2018

Opening reception October 18th, 4 - 8 PM

paper positions. munich
Alte Bayerische Staatsbank
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1
80333 München

Opening hours:

Friday, October 19th 2018, 1 - 8 PM
Satuday, October 20th 2018, 1 - 8 PM
Sunday, 12 - 6 PM

Achim Riethmann


July 13th - August 5th 2018

Offbeat | aus der Klasse Ikemura

Opening reception: July 13th, 7 PM

SchauFensterRaum für Kunst
Lobeckstr. 30-35
10969 Berlin

Opening hours:
Thursday - Friday: 3 - 6 PM

Johanna Hochholzer, Iman Rezai, Sahar Zukerman, Walker Brengel, Kevin Kopacka, Olli Pippo, Lisa Wang, Yuni Kim, Marija Felker, Michael Wutz, Fritz Bornstück, Toni Mauersberg, Zurab Shekelashwili, Emmanuel Bornstein, Lennart Grau, Robert Lanz, Ucha Janelidze, Rona Kobel, Lea Gilloire, Achim Riethmann, Helena Petersen, Anita Regli, Daniel Correa, Mejía Viet, Bang Pham, Aisuke Kondo, Dargelos Kersten

Melanie Siegel


June 24th - July 29th 2018


Opening reception: June 23rd, 6 PM

Städtische Galerie Rosenheim
Max-Bram-Platz 2
83022 Rosenheim

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10 AM - 5 PM
Satuday - Sunday: 1 - 5 PM

Robert Sturmhoevel


June 23rd - June 13th 2018


Opening reception: June 22nd, 7.30 PM

Elfbuchenstr. 20
34119 Kassel

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 4 - 8 PM
(and by appointment)

Christian Holtmann

Exhibition as part of the festive event of
the state representative of Lower Saxony

June 20st 2018, 7 PM

Celebration event for Kurt Schwitters's birthday

Vertretung des Landes Niedersachsen beim Bund
In den Ministergärten 10
10117 Berlin

Artist-Portraits by Christian Holtmann

Christian Holtmann


June 15th - August 25th 2018


Opening reception: June 15th, 7 PM

Galerie Burster
in cooperation with Evelyn Drewes Galerie
Baumeisterstraße 4
76137 Karlsruhe

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 12 - 6 PM
Saturday: 12 - 4 PM

Robert Sturmhoevel


June 14th - July 24th 2018

25 Jahre Kasseler Kunstpreis

Opening reception: June 13th, 6 PM

Kasseler Kunstverein
Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM

Arists: The Award Winners of the past 25 years

Hirofumi Fujiwara


June 6th - July 15th 2018

Dialog des Stofflichen

Opening reception: June 6th, 7.30 PM

Kunstverein Ladenburg
Hauptstraße 77
68526 Ladenburg

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 3 - 6 PM
Satuday: 2- 5 PM Uhr
Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM Uhr

Artists: Hirofumi Fujiwara and AINO

Tobias Köbsch


June 4th - June 24th 2018


Opening reception: June 3rd, 8 PM

Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
e. Kunst- und Kulturverein
Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße 4
01326 Dresden

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12 - 6 PM
Sunday: 2 - 6 PM
and by appointment

Arists: Alrun Krauß, Tobias Köbsch, Kristof Grunert, Hartmut Dorschner, Constanze Deutsch, Philipp Gloger, Henriette Grahnert, Stefanie Busch, Franziska und Sophia Hoffmann, Anne Pöhlmann, Tim Kellner, Luc Saalfeld, Martin Kleinmichel, Martin Puppe

Ekkehard Tischendorf


May 13th - August 4th 2018


Opening reception: May 12th, 6PM

Galerie Antonstadt
Kamenzer Str. 19
01099 Dresden

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 1 - 7 PM

Artists: Matthias Bausch, Henri Deparade, Heike Dittrich, Karen Gäbler, Julius Georgi, Lars Kohl, Melanie Kramer, Christian Macketanz, Sophia Schama, Ekkehard Tischendorf


Hirofumi Fujiwara


May 2d - September 23th 2018


Opening reception: May 1st, 3 - 7 PM

Beukenhof - Phoenix Galleries
Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat 9
11B-9690 Kluisbergen (Kwaremont)

Opening hours:

Saturday: 2 - 7 PM
Sunday: 2 - 7 PM
Public holidays: 2 - 7 PM

Julien Allegre (FR), Alejandro Berconsky (AR), Nicolas Bigo (FR), Dik Box (NL), Yannic Connan (FR), Kevin Dagg (UK), Hirofumi Fujiwara (JP), Thomas Helbing (DE), Mathias Hornung (DE), Emeric Jacob (FR), Josef Lang (DE), Hannelore Langhans (DE), Victor Notermans (NL), Yke Prins (NL), Holger Schmidt (DE), Mike Schuijt (NL) , Marcel Timmers (NL), Felix Valdelièvre (FR), Andre Vanderlinden (NL), Mir Van Nyvelseel (BE)

Tobias Köbsch and Ekkehard Tischendorf

Ostrale O18/O19: Biennale für contemporary art

In German Maltese: April 14th - Mai 27th 2018
In St. James Cavalier June 1st - July 29th 2018

Ostrale O18/O19
12th international exhibition

Opening reception in German Maltese: April 14th
Opening reception in St. James Cavalier: June 1st

Valletta, Malta

Melanie Siegel

Nominee and Groupexhibition

April 13th - May 13th 2018


Opening reception and Awards: April 13th 2018, 8 PM

Allgäuer Kunstverein artigKunstreich
Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst
Schützenstraße 7
87435 Kempten (Allgäu)

Opening hours:
Saturday - Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday: 4 - 8 PM

Wolfgang Bittner, Clara Boesl, Bohlius, Nina Chubinishvili, Andrea Cordes-Thalmeier,  Chris Dietzel, Ursula Donn, Karin Drechsler- Ruhmann, Gudrun Fischer-Bomert, Elisabeth Frei, Andrea Freudenreich, Wolfgang Fritz, Beate Gärtner, Uta Grün, Stefan Grzesina, Stefan Guggenbichler, Deniz Hasenöhrl,  Petra Hedwig, Barbara Hein-Dadfar, Fabian Helmich, Theresia Hillebrand, Claudia Hoffer, Matthias Höfling,  Claudia Hölzel, Masumi Igarashi, Künstlerduo isterika, Lucie Kazda, Ji-yeon Kim, Marion Klatt, Jürgen  Klugmann, Radan Knobloch, Rüdiger Lange, Katharina Lehmann, Philipp Liehr, Dana Lürken, Markus Maier, Stefanie Manhillen,  Uwe Mertsch, Ute Milotich, Sun Hee Moon, wabato movement, Eileen O’Rourke, Sandro Porcu, Mike Prinz, Florian Prünster, Judith  Rautenberg, Dagmar Reiche, Christian Ristau, Meike Rohde, Nadine Elda Rosani, Gerd Rucker, John Schmitz, Tina Schramm, Melanie Siegel, Gerhard Silber, Thomas Silberhorn, Ljuba Stille, Cosmia Strähhuber, Monika  Supe, Tim David Trillsam,  Lars Unger, Marcus Vallböhmer, Alexandra Vogt, Luzia Werner, Claudia Wirth, Dorothée Zombronner.

Christian Holtmann


April 8th - May 6th 2018

talent is cheap

Opening ceremony: April 7th, 6.30 PM

Kunstverein Rotenburg
Nödenstraße 9
27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

Opening hours:

Saturday 3 - 5 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 1 PM and 3 PM - 5 PM

with works of the artists Christian Holtmann and Christopher Wempen

Hirofumi Fujiwara

Public choice award

April 2018

PHÖNIX 2018 Kunstpreis für Nachwuchskünstler
Gewinner des Publikumspreises

Award Ceromony:
April 19th 2018, 7 PM

Evangelischen Akademie Tutzing
Schloßstraße 2+4
82327 Tutzing

Hirofumi Fujiwara ist der diesjährigen Preisträger des PHÖNIX 2018 Publikumspreises. Der PHÖNIX ist ein Kunstpreis für Nachwuchskünstler und wird bereits zu elften Mal verliehen.

Melanie Sigel

Award and Groupexhibition

March 9th - 28th 2018

Artaward 2018 of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe

Opening reception Marc 9th 2018, 7 PM

Introduction: Prof. Dr. Pia Müller-Tamm,
Direktorin der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

Sparkassen-Kundenzentrum am Europaplatz
Eingang Kaiserstraße 225
76133 Karlsruhe

Robert Vellekoop


January 10th - February 25th 2018

Opening receotion February 9th 2018, 7 PM


Sammlung Falckenberg
Wilstorfer Str. 71
21073 Hamburg

Opening hours:

Sunday  12 PM - 5 PM

Suse Bauer, Johanna Bruckner, Suse Itzel, Rosa Joly, Anik Lazar, Ida Lennartsson, Hannah Rath, Swen-Erik Scheuerling, Yann-Vari Schubert, Nina Wiesnagrotzki,
Kirstin Burckhardt, Veronika Gabel, Martin Hoener, Jonas Kolenc, Almut Middel, André MulzerAlice Peragine, Aleen Solari, Robert Vellekoop, Tilman Walther

Tim Sandow


January 28th to February 18th 2018

Die Grosse 2018

Museum Kunstpalast
Ehrenhof 4-5
40479 Düsseldorf

Opening hours:

Tuesday till Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM
Thursday from 11 AM to 9 PM
closed on Thursday, 8th of February

On display will be works of 160 artists


Melanie Sigel


January 12th - February 18 2018

URBEX. Erforschung von Stadt und Raum

Opening reception: January 11th 2018, 7 PM

Kunstverein Paussau
Sankt Anna-Kapelle
Heiliggeistgasse 4
94032 Passau

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday, 1 PM- 6 PM

Christina Kirchinger, Christian Kropfmüller, Nico Sawatzki, Melanie Siegel, Peter Untermaierhofer

Daniele Dell’Eva


November 25th – Januar 21th 2018

Regionale 18
OOO Object Oriented Ontology

Opening reception November 25th 2017, 7 PM

Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7CH
4051 Basel

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11 AM - 6 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 8.30 PM
Saturday, Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM

Urs Aeschbach, Jonas Baumann, Andreas Berde, David Berweger, Alex Bleuler, Claudia Borowsky, Barbara Bugg, Klaus A. Burth, Urs Cavelti, Ghizlène Chajaï, Guillaume Cochet, Grégory Delauré, Daniele Dell’Eva, Dimension Émotionelle, Christoph Dinges, Sara Gassmann, Laurent Guenat, Edith Hänggi, Tenki Hiramatsu, Yoshiya Hirayama, Kirti Ingerfurth, Daniel Karrer, Benjamin Lenz, Kris Markiewicz, Geneviève Morin, Hiroko Nagata, Franziska Neuenschwander, Katrin Niedermeier, Gerardo Nolasco, Tobias Nussbaumer, Eva Schick, Lisa Schittulli, Christian Schmuck, Sara Ursina Sjölin, Henry Staschik, Jonas Studer, Paul Takács, Romain Tièche, Yulia Usova Goetsch, Mathis Vass, Gina Weisskopf, Martin Wiese, Michel Winterberg, Paulo Wirz, Kerstin Wittenberg und Franziska Wüsten

Robert Sturmhoevel

Scholarship & exhibition

November 24th - December 22nd

Exhibition and 45 th Scholarship in "Künstlerkolonie Willingshausen"

Opening reception: November 23rd, 6pm

Kunsthalle Willingshausen
Merzhäuser Straße 1
34628 Willingshausen

Painter Robert Sturmhoevel wins the 44th working-scholarship for young artists "Künstlerkolonie Willingshausen" in 2017. "Willingshausen in der Schwalm" is one of the oldest artistcolonies in europe and there is a tradition of painters like Ludwig Emil Grimm, Wilhelm Thielmann, Carl Bantzer or Otto Ubbelohde. Starting in September 2017 Robert Sturmhoevel will be working in Willinghausen for 3 month and will be present his artworks in an exhibition in November and December.


November 17th — January 19th


Opening reception Friday November 17th, 7.30 PM

Galerie Coucou
Elfbuchenstraße 20
34119 Kassel

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 4 – 8 PM
(and upon agreement)

Peter Anders, Janis Avotin, Stephan Balkenhol, Paul Diestel, Slawomir Elsner, Andrea Grützner, Olga Holzschuh, Urs Lüthi, Rana Matloub, Ivan Moudov, Andrea Müller-Osten, Sabine Rollnik, Alf Schuler, Robert Sturmhoevel, Catrine Val, René Wagner

Tobias Köbsch


November 14th – December 16th 2017


Opening reception: December 13th 2017, 6 PM

am Englischer Garten 1a
80538 München

Opening hours:

Daily 2-7 PM


Friederike Curling-Aust, Constanze Deutsch, Hartmut Dorschner, Thomas Fissler, Philip Gloger, Henriette Grahnert, Kristof Grunert, Franziska Hoffmann, Sophia Hoffmann, Tobias Köbsch, Alrun Krauss, Sebastian Richter, Adele Röder

Johannes Kersting

Art- and culture-award

November 2017

Nürnberger Kulturpreis 2017

Award ceremony:
Monday, November 13th, 7:30pm

Tafelhalle Nürnberg
Fünffensterplatz 2
90403 Nürnberg

Johannes Kersting


November 10th – November 12th 2017


Opening reception: November 10th 2017, 6PM

Große Bleichen 34
20357 Hamburg

Artists: Danja Akulin, Paula Baader, Matthias Bitzer, Patrick Cierpka, Sabine Dehnel, Adrian Falkner, Carsten Goering, Jutta Haeckel, Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder, Florian Heinke, Hannes Heinrich, Stefan Hirsig, Alexander Iskin, Michelle Jezierski, Johannes Kersting, Karin Kneffel, Jonathan Kraus, Heinrich Mauersberger, Jugoslav Mitevski, Simon Modersohn, Alexander Pröpster, Daniel Richter, Johanna Rüggen, Natascha Schmitten, Andreas Schulze, Marina Schulze, Dirk Skreber, Johanna Strobel, Antony Valerian, Daniel Vier, Anna Vogel, Maxim Wakultschik, Waldemar Zimbelmann

Ekkehard Tischendorf



Opening reception November 9th, 6.30 PM
Martin-Luther-Ring 13 (Lipanum)
04109 Leipzig

Artists: Sabine Tischendorf, Ekkehard Tischendorf

Li-Wen Kuo


7th October - 18th November 2017

Soloexhibition Li-Wen Kuo "Abweichungen" in Nordheim

Opening reception: 7th October, 6PM
Introduction: Helmut A. Müller

Nordheimer Scheune
Talstraße 31/1
74226 Nordheim

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 3-6 PM
Tuesday, 31th of Octobeber closed

Tesfaye Urgessa


September 20th - November 5th 2017

Exhibition Tesfaye Urgessa in "Galerie der Stadt Wendlingen am Neckar"

Galerie der Stadt Wendlingen am Neckar
Weberstraße 2
73240 Wendlingen am Neckar

Opening times:
Wednesday - Saturday 3am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

Mena Moskopf


September 22th – November 5th 2017


Opening reception: 21th of September 2017, 7PM

Kunstmuseum Solingen
Wuppertaler Str. 160
42653 Solingen

Opening hours:
Tuesday- Sunday 10AM - 5PM

Morgaine Schäfer (71. Internationaler Bergischer Kunstpreis)
Jiseong Boo, Ivan Geddert, Julia Gruner, Nana Hirose und Kazuma Nagatani, Bernhard Holaschke, Edmée Laurin, Anna Mirbach, Mena Moskopf, Donja Nasseri, Allan Rand, Berit Schneidereit, Ulrike Schulze, Emil Walde, Noemi Weber

Michael Peltzer

Book Release & Exhibition

Thursday, September 21st, 7pm
Exhibition: September 21st - October 19th

Admiralitätstraße 71/72
20459 Hamburg

Michael Peltzer "Fusion"
Publisher: Evelyn Drewes | Galerie
2017, 257 pages
ISBN: 978-3-945772-35-5
39,90 €

Sebastian Dannenberg


September 8th - October 5th 2017

11. Absolventenausstellung der Künstlerförderung des Cusanuswerks 2017

Opening reception: September 7th, 6 - 9pm

Museum Folkwang
UG im Folkwang
Museumsplatz 1
45128 Essen

Opening times:
Tuesday, Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday, Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday 10am - 6pm

Sebastian Dannenberg, Margarethe Drexel, Alexander Föllenz, Isabella Gerstner, Kolja Gollub, Paul Hempt, Markus Hoffmann, Melissa Holstein, Christian Kasners, Ines Kramari?, Benedikt Leonhardt, Martin Lindemann, Anna Nero, Alex Nowak, Elisabeth Roth, Johanna Schwab, Jasmin Werner, Natalie Wild, Tobias Wyrzykowski

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Ostrale O17: Biennial for contemporary art

July 28th - October 1st 2017

Ostrale O17
11th international exhibition

Opening reception: July 28th, 6pm

Messering 20
01067 Dresden

Opening times:
Tuesday -  Thursday, 10am - 7pm
Friday - Sunday, 11am - 8pm

the human aspect

19 contemporary figurative positions
Painting | Drawing | Photography | Sculpture

July 13th - July 16th 2017, Barlach Halle K

Opening reception, Barlach Halle K: Juli 12th, 6 pm
Introduction: Dr. Holger Birkholz, art historian

An exhibition of the Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
in cooperation with the Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hambur

Barlach Halle K
Klosterwall 13
20095 Hamburg

Nikolas Brade, Gunnar Borbe, Sven Braun, Michelangelo Contini, Anna Eckold, Valérie Favre, Thomas Fißler, Grit Hachmeister, Holger John, Eric Keller, Tim Kellner, Michael Klipphahn, Peter Klitta, Marc Lüders, Nadine Rennert, Anne Schönharting, Kathrin Tschirner, Nadine Wölk, Edgar Zippel

Curatorial direction:
Gunnar Borbe, Thomas Fißler

Sebastian Dannenberg, Christian Holtmann, Jochen Mühlenbrink, Daniel Wrede


June 10th - July 7th 2017

Various pictorial positions curated by Sebastian Dannenberg

Opening reception: June 9th, 6:30pm
Introduction: Jens-Peter Koerver, Cologne

Ehemaliges AMIKI-Bowlingcenter
Am Handwerkerplatz / Ecke Lindenstrasse
Host: Kunstverein Lüneburg

Opening hours:
Friday 3-6pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am -6pm
Guided tours on request: phone 04131/ 7891000

Robert Vellekoop


May 26th - June 30th 2017

Sun Toxic City

Opening reception: May 24th 2017, 6-9pm

Philipp Haverkampf Galerie
Mommsenstrasse 67
10629 Berlin

Opening times:
Wednesday - Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm
and by Appointment

Shara Hughes, Robert Vellekoop

Johannes Kersting


May 13th - June 3rd 2017


Opening reception: May 13th 2017, 7pm

Affenfaust Galerie
Paul-Roosen-Straße 43
22767 Hamburg

Opening times:
Wednesday 3 - 7pm
Thursday 3 - 7pm
Saturday 2 - 6pm

108, Albero Nero, AMA, ANDRECO, Daniela Wesenberg, Darko Caramello Nikolic, David Stein, Gesa Lange, Johannes Kersting, Johannes Mundinger, KidCash, Koolski, MadC, Moneyless, Nartur Kunstgruppe, Nelio Riga, Nico Sawatzki, OX, Quintessenz, SEIKON, Xiyao Wang, XOOOOX

Achim Riethmann

Sculpture Triennial

May 6th - October 8th 2017

Bingen 2017
Scupltures at the Rheinkilometer 529

Opening reception: May 6th, 1 - 3pm

The Sculpture Triennial of the Gerda and Kuno Pieroth Foundation will take place from May 6th to October 8th 2017 in Bingen am Rhein for the fourth time.

Under the title NAH UND FERN, 20 artistic positions will be thematically combined.

Christian Achenbach, AWST & WALTHER, Elvira Bach, Alexander Endrullat, Jay Gard, Hannes Helmke, Gregor Hildebrandt, Nadira Husain, Christel Lechner, Adrian Lohmüller, Olaf Metzel, Yudi Noor, Katinka Pilscheur, Sophia Pempéry, Rebecca Raue, Achim Riethmann, Bikje van Soest, Stefan Strumbel, Timm Ulrichs, Lois Weinberger

Sebastian Dannenberg


April 28th 2017 - April 27th 2018

1 House 1 Year 8 Artists


Sebastian Dannenberg
, Kerstin Liebst, Satoshi Morita, Natalie Obert, Kriz Olbricht, Andreas von Ow, David Semper, Jessica Twitchell

Sebastian Danneberg

ART Cologne

April 25th - April 29th 2017

Galerie Anke Schmidt
H 11.2 E 25
Exhibition area, Cologne

Long Night of Galleries at the Kontorhausviertel

Saturday, April 22nd 2017
6 - 10pm

Participating galleries:
Kleine Reichenstr. 1, DEAR Photography, Galerie Borchardt, Eveleyn Drewes | Galerie, LFI Photographie, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Galerie Nanna Preußners, Mikiko Sato Gallery, Galerie Kerstin Hengevoss-Dürkop, Oel-Früh Cabinet /Oel-Früh Schauraum, Galerie Renate Kammer, xpon-art

Start your evening in our gallery with the current exhibition "TROY"!

Lev Khesin


from April 15th 2017


Till Richter Museum – Schloss Buggenhagen
Straße des Friedens 6
17440 Buggenhagen

Opening times:
Thursday - Sunday: 11am to 6pm

The MainStage includes 14 artists from seven countries on four continents. They all „live and work in Berlin, Germany“. Their works however show are of great variety ranging from titanium sculptures over classical and experimental painting to video art.

Axel Anklam, Said Baalbaki, Wolfgang Ganter, Thomas Henninger, Marc van der Hocht, Lev Khesin, Jens Lüstraeten, Jan Muche, Rainer Neumeier, So Young Park, Manfred Peckl, Bettina Scholz, Nicola Swietkowiak, Pete Wheeler

Christian Holtmann, Melanie Siegel


April 7th - May 28th 2017


Karin Kneffel
and 28 masterstudents

Opening reception: Thursday, April 6th 2017, 7pm

Galerie Noah
Beim Glaspalast 1
86153 Augsburg

Daniel Behrendt, Jenny Forster, Jonah Gebka, Elke Graalfs, Alina Grasmann, Raik Gupin, Simone Haack, Jutta Haeckel, Verena Hägler, Nicola Hanke, Hannes Heinrich, Stefanie Hofer, Christian Holtmann, Marile Holzner, Steffen Kern, Anna Klüssendorf, Karin Kneffel, Anna Krammig, Patricia Lambertus, Christian Probst, Piotr Rambowski, Felix Rehfeld, Marina Schulze, Sabine Seemann, Melanie Siegel, Martin Spengler, Sibylle Springer, Pia Winkenstern, Sarah Zagefka

Christian Holtmann


March 5th - April 2nd 2017

Luther: Idol & Fetisch

Kunstverein Buchholz Nordheide e.V.
Kirchenstrasse 6
21244 Buchholz

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 4pm - 6pm
Saturday, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Thomas Behling, Christian Holtmann, Sandra Munzel

Daniel Wrede

Exhibition for the nominees

February 26th - March 26th 2017


Opening reception: Sunday, February 26th, 11:30am

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
Adalbertstr. 28
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Opening times:
Tuesday 2pm - 8pm
Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm
Mondays closed

Lydia Balke, Sebastian Bartel, Anna-Kristina Bauer, Andrea Becker-Weimann, Daniel Behrendt, David Borgmann, Petra Fiebig, Shige Fujishiro, Anna Grath, Nanja Heid, Dietrich Heller, Frenzy Höhne, Mijin Hyun, Suse Itzel, Geeske Janßen, Birgit Kannengießer, Ronny Lischinski, Uwe Schloen, Knut Sennekamp, Hartmut Stockter, Jenni Tietze, Marion Tischler, Katharina Trudzinski, Ferdinand Uptmoor, Michael Weißköppel, Silvia Wienefoet, Heiko Wommelsdorf, Daniel Wrede, Jiaxiang Xiong

Achim Riethmann

Solo Exhibition

February 12th - March 26th 2017


Opening reception: Saturday, February 11th, 7pm
Reception: Dr. Hartmut Dippel (leader)
Artist talk: February 26th

Kunstverein Ulm
Kramgasse 4
89073 Ulm

Opening times:
Wednesday - Friday 2pm - 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm
and by appointment

Robert Vellekoop

Groupexhibition & scholarship

December 6th 2016 - January 8th 2017

BewerberInnen für das Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium 2017
Winner: Robert Vellekoop

Opening reception: December 5th, 7pm

Kunsthaus Hamburg
Klosterwall 15
20095 Hamburg

Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 7pm

Karimah Ashadu, Lukas Bleuel, Kirstin Burckhardt, Anton Engel, Veronika Gabel, Amelie Zadeh, Martin Hoener, Jonas Kolenc, Martin Löffke, Almut Middel, Stefan Mildenberger, André Mulzer, Sven Neygenfind, Alice Peragine, Dagmar Rauwald, Doris Margarete Schmidt, Knut Sennekamp, Aleen Solari, Youssef Tabti, Felix Thiele, Robert Vellekoop, Tilman Walther

Li-Wen Kuo


November 18th - November 20th 2016

salondergegenwart 2016

Opening reception: November 18th, 6pm

Große Bleichen 34
20354 Hamburg
1. OG

Opening times:
Saturday, November 19th: 11am - 5pm
Sunday, November 20th: 11am - 5pm

Said Baalbaki, Daniel Beer, Jay Gard, Caroline von Grone, Stefan Guggisberg, Katrin Günther, Christian Hahn, Nicola Hanke, Toulu Hassani, Beza von Jacobs, Julian Khol, Eugen Kunkel, Li-Wen Kuo, Winnie-Fee Kurzke, Tobias Lehner, Arthur Löwen, Sebastian Menzke, Olaf Metzel, Matthias Meyer, Jan Muche, So Young Park, Katharina Schilling, Iris Schomaker, Constantin Schroeder, Christian Seidler, Johanna Tiedtke, Joachim Weischer, Matthias Weischer, Rene Wirths, Jens Wolf

Michael Peltzer, Li-Wen Kuo

September 9th 2016

"still film" / Watchlist II/2016"

Seasonstart galleries of Kontorhausviertel

Opening reception: September 9th, 6pm - 10pm

Galerie Borchardt, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Mikiko Sato Gallery, Galerie Nanna Preußners, Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Galerie Renate Kammer, Kleine Reichenstraße 1

Lev Khesin


July - October 2016

21st century international abstract art from the museum collection

Till Richter Museum - Schloss Buggenhagen
Straße des Friedens 6
17440 Buggenhagen

Opening times:
Thursday - Sunday: 11am - 6pm
and by appointment for groups

Quite exactly one hundred years after the giant breakthrough of the first abstract works by Wassily Kandinsky, František Kupka, Sonia Delaunay and Kasimir Malevich abstract art has lost nothing of its aesthetic appeal and its provocative potential. Abstract Worlds shows us how materials and concepts have evolved to deal with contemporary concerns in a world that is aesthetically, technically and culturally defined by acceleration and intellectualization. All the while the capacity of abstract art remains unchanged to connect the heart and brain, the soul and the science directly through form. This capacity continues to be the raison d’être of an art that is not yet fully understood, even though it is so close to the human being and being human. The exhibit features paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and collages of the 21st century from the museum collection by 10 artists from 5 nations around the globe.

Heyd Fontenot, Fero Freymark, Lev Khesin, Barbara Koch, Fernando Lafuente, Gerhard Mantz, Gregorio Iglesias Mayo, Paul Raguenes, Aaron Smith, Juliane Tübke

Hirofumi Fujiwara


July 12th - August 21st 2016

TOP 16 / Meisterschülerinnen und Meisterschüler der staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe zu Gast im Mannheimer Kunstverein

Opening reception: July 10th, 11 am

Mannheimer Kunstverein e.V.
Augustaanlage 58
68165 Mannheim

Opening times:
Tuesday -Sunday 12 - 17 pm

Cigdem Aky, Katarina Baumann, Assia Benhassine, Naomi Bosch, Marco Breu, Fei Chen, Michael Cherubim, Konstantin Friedrich, Hirofumi Fujiwara, Laura Gaiser, Jiwon Jung, Dominik Karle, Nikita Milukovs, Alina Noskow, Sebastian Putzke, Sanna Reitz, Frida Ruiz, Artur Schäfer, Julia Schmalzl, Robert Schmidt, Margarethe Ucinski, Claudia Urlaß, Anja Wiebelt, Verena Wippenbeck, Anita Wolf

Jens-Ole Remmers, Nadine Wölk


June 11th - July 24th 2016

142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg

Opening reception: Saturday, June 11th, 8pm

Affenfaust Galerie
Paul-Rosen-Straße 43
22767 Hamburg

Opening times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2pm - 6pm

Feinkunst Krüger, Heliumcowboy, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Kramer Fine Art, Die Hamburger Galerie, Galerie der Schlumper, Galerie der Villa, Galerie Herold, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Millerntor Gallery, OZM Art Space Galerie, Affenfaust Galerie

Tobias Köbsch, Nadine Wölk

Ostrale O16: 10th international exhibition of contemporary art

OSTRALE weht ODER / Wroclaw
May 13th - July 31st 2016

Browar Mieszczanski
Hubska 44
Wroclaw, PL

Opening reception: Friday, May 13th, 6pm

error: x / Dresden
July 1st - September 25th 2016

Messering 8
0167 Dresden

Robert Sturmhoevel

Solo Exhibition

May 10th - May 27th 2016


Opening reception: Saturday, May 7th, 7pm

Galerie COUCOU
Elfbuchenstraße 20
34119 Kassel

Opening times:
Tuesday - Friday, 4pm - 7pm
and by appointment

Lev Khesin


May 3rd - May 8th 2016


Pier 94
12th Avenue at 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

Opening times:
Tuesday 5pm - 8pm
Wednesday - Saturday 12pm -8pm
Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Christian Holtmann

Book launch

February 26th 2016, 6pm

"Der Schweizer Sammler"
with Christian Holtmann and Olivier Schulthess

Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20
28199 Bremen

Entrance free

Hirofumi Fujiwara, Tobias Köbsch, Michael Peltzer, Robert Sturmhoevel, Ekkehard Tischendorf

Booth Evelyn Drewes Galerie

February 18th - February 21st 2016

ART Karlsruhe

Messe Karlsruhe
Messeallee 1
76287 Rheinstetten


Michael Peltzer


November 13th - November 15th 2015

salondergegenwart 2015

Opening reception: Friday, November 13th, 6pm

Große Bleichen 34
20354 Hamburg
1. OG

Opening times:
Saturday, November 14th: 11am - 5pm
Sunday, November 15th: 11am - 5pm

Christian Achenbach, Helene Appel, Henrik Eiben, Daniel Engelberg, Ralph Fleck, Pius Fox, Axel Geis, Rayk Goetze, Dana Greiner, Thilo Heinzmann, Benedikt Hipp, Robert Janitz, Malgosia Jankowska, Joanna Jesse, Henning Kles, Marie Carolin Knoth, Stefan Kürten, David Lehmann, Jonas Maas, Herta Müller, Robert Muntean, Michael Peltzer, Ulrich Pester, Felix Rehfeld, Matthias Reinmuth, Oskar Rink, Melanie Spiegel, Robert Sieghorst, Wanda Stolle, Christine Streuli, Janaina Tschäpe, Jorinde Voigt, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Julia Lia Walter, Johanna Wolfgramm

Christian Holtmann


October 25th 2015 - January 10th 2016

Die Besten: Highlights aller Preisträger

Opening reception: Sunday, October 25th, 11:30am

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
Adalbertstraße 28
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Opening times:
Tuesday 2 - 5pm
Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm
Monday closed
December 24th - December 28th closed
December 31st - January 1st closed

Diego Castro, Jenny Feldmann, Clemens Botho Goldbach, Claudia Hinsch, Christian Holtmann, Patricia Lambertus, Axel Loytved, Gosia Machon, Mirko Martin, Hanna Nitsch, Katrin Roeber, Stefan Roigk, Michael Schmeichel, Christine Schulz, Marina Schulze

Ekkehard Tischendorf


September 25th - October 11th 2015

Temporäre Kunsthalle Plettenberg

Opening reception: Friday, September 25th, 7pm

Ehemalige Industriehalle Krächter und Neuhaus
Königstraße 73
58840 Plettenberg

Opening times:
Saturday, Sep. 26th, 2pm - 6pm
Sunday, Sep. 27th, 11am - 3pm
Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 2pm - 6pm
Sunday, Oct. 4th, 11am - 3pm
Friday, Oct. 9th, 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2pm - 6pm
Sunday, Oct. 11th, 11am - 3pm

Christian Holtmann

87. Herbstausstellung niedersächsischer Künstlerinnen und Künstler

September 12th - November 8th 2015


Opening reception: Friday, September 11th, 6pm

Kunstverein Hannover
Sophienstraße 2
30159 Hannover

as well as Städtische Galerie KUBUS, NORD/LB gallery, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner am Friedrichswall, Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen

Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday, 12 - 6pm

Nadine Wölk


September 11th - October 4th 2015

frei im raum
FRIESE Kunstinitiative

Opening reception: Friday, September 11th, 8pm

Kunstinitiative "Im Friese" e.V.
Friesestraße 31
02681 Kirschau

Opening times:
Saturday: 2pm - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Saisonstart Hamburger Galerien

September 10th - September 13th 2015

Common Seasonstart

Opening reception Admiralitätstraße:
Thursday, September 10th, 6pm

Opening reception Kontorhausviertel:
Friday, September 11th, 6pm

Guided Tour:
Saturday, September 12th, 11am - 1:30pm Admiralitätstraße
Saturday, September 12th, 2:30pm - 5pm Kontorhausviertel

Fee per person: 10 euro
Registration under:

Achim Riethmann


July 31st - September 5th 2015

"CARE OF" Russi Klenner c/o The Grass is Greener

Opening reception: Friday, July 31st, 7pm

The Grass is Greener
Spinnereistrasse 7 / Halle 10
04179 Leipzig

Opening times:
Tuesday - Friday 1pm - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm

Artists: Helge Hommes, Elena Kozlova, David Moses, Jan Muche, Filiz Özcelik, Achim Riethmann

Achim Riethmann

Exhibition for the nominees

July 12th - August 30th 2015

Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2015 der Märkischen Oberzeitung in Kooperation mit der Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg

Opening reception: Sunday, July 12th, 12am

Schloss Neuhardenberg
Kavaliershaus Ost
15320 Neuhardenberg

Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 7pm

Tobias Köbsch

Ostrale O15: 9th international exhibition of contemporary art

July 10th - September 27th 2015

Ostrale O15
"Handle with care"

Messering 8
01067 Dresden

Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 8pm

Jens-Ole Remmers

Debutant-award and solo-exhibition

July 9th - July 26th 2015

Debutant-award by BKK Nürnberg - Mittelfranken e.V.
at KunstKulturQuartier Nürnberg

winner: Jens-Ole Remmers

Award-ceremony: Tuesday, July 7th, 11am
Opening reception: Wednesday, July 8th, 8pm

Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier
Königstraße 93
90402 Nürnberg

Robert Sturmhoevel


July 2015

Kasseler Kunstpreis 2015
im Bereich Bildene Kunst

winner: Robert Sturmhoevel

Award ceremony
Thursday, July 9th 2015, 6pm

Kasseler Kunstverein
Fridericianum Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel

Christian Holtmann, Jens-Ole Remmers


July 2nd - July 5th 2015


Millerntorstadion auf St.Pauli
Harald-Stender-Platz 1
20359 Hamburg

with Viva con Aqua de St.Pauli e.V.

A catalog will be published.


Tobias Köbsch


June 6th - September 20th 2015

"Die neue Sinnlichkeit in der zeitgenössischen Kunst"

Opening reception: Saturday, June 6th, 6pm

JVA Magdeburg
Kulturanker e.V.

Jens-Ole Remmers


May 16th - August 3rd 2015

Ansichten XXII
"Inside / Outside"

Opening reception: Saturday, May 16th, 5pm

QuadrART Dornbirn
Sebastianstraße 9
A-6850 Dornbirn

Opening times:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5-7pm
and by appointment

Joseph Beuys, Christo, Egs, Heinz Gappmayr, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Richard Hoeck/ John Miller, Martin Kippenberger, Willi Kopf, Jani Leinonen, Jens-Ole Remmers, Riiko Sakkinen, Karin Sander, Rainer Splitt, Heimo Zobering

Ekkehard Tischendorf


May 5th - September 27th 2015

"Nach Picasso"

Kunsthalle Krems
Forum Frohner
Minoritenplatz 4
3504 Krems-Stein

Opening times:
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm

Melanie Bisping (Academy of fine arts Münster/ class Ayse Erkmen)

22. Bundeswettbewerb "Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus"

April 17th - May 17th 2015

& award for fine arts by Bundesministerin für Bildung und Forschung
winner: Melanie Bisping

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4
53113 Bonn

A catalog will be published.

Lev Khesin, Robert Sturmhoevel

Exhibition for the nominees

March 14th - April 1st 2015

38. Kunstpreis der Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe
"Festliche Kunst"

Opening reception:
Friday, March 13th, 7pm

Sparkasse Karlsruhe Ettlingen
Kundenzentrum Europaplatz
Kaiserstraße 223
76133 Karlsruhe

Opening times:
Monday, Thursday 8:30am - 6pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am - 4pm

Sandra Lange

February 1st - March 11th 2015

Konstruktive Interferenz

Opening reception for the artist:
Sunday, February 1st, 12-3pm

Gallery Heinz Holtmann
Anna-Schneider-Steig 13
50678 Cologne

Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6 pm

Tobias Köbsch

January 17th - April 31st 2015

Pollux Capella

Opening reception for the artists:
Friday, January 16th 2015, 7pm

Zott's Artspace Dolomites
Strada Pecei 19
39030 San Cassiano

Opening times:
Daily 4pm - 9pm
and by appointment

Sara Casal, Manfred Dörner, Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock, Alberto Fanelli, Michaela Johanne Gräper, Matteo Lo Greco, Anne Herzbluth, Iyvone Khoo, Tobias Köbsch, Hubert Kostner, Beth Moon, Mee Ai Om, Max Schmelcher, Konstantin Sotnikov

Lev Khesin


December 2nd - December 7th 2014

Gallery Lakemäker, Berlin

CONTEXT Miami / Art Miami Pavillon

Midtown/ Wyn Wood Arts District
2901 NE 1st Avenue
Miami FL 33137

Opening times:
Opening reception: Tuesday, December 2nd 5:30-10pm
Wednesday, December 3rd and Thursday, December 4th 11am-7pm
Friday, December 5th 11am-8pm
Saturday, December 6th 11am-7pm
Sunday, December 7th 11am-6pm

Hirofumi Fujiwara, Tobias Köbsch, Achim Riethmann, Robert Sturmhoevel, Nadine Wölk

Sparkasse Karlsruhe Ettlingen
November 28th 2014 - March 5th 2015

"6 Künstler - 6 Kunstakademien"

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm
(announcement private banking)

Kaiserstraße 225
76133 Karlsruhe

Achim Riethmann

November 21st - November 23rd 2014


Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, November 21st 2014, 6pm
Saturday 22nd and sunday 23rd, 11am - 17pm

Grosse Bleichen 34 (1.OG)
20354 Hamburg

For the 4th time salondergegenwart presents actual positions of contemporary art.

Mona Ardeleanu, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Hedwig Eberle, Bernard Frize, Lukas Glonowski, Lothar Götz, Kerstin Grimm, Philip Grözinger, Jochen Hein, Gregor Hildebrandt, Julian Hoffmann, Daecheon Lee, Robert Lucander, Frank Maier, Dirk Meinzer, Sebastian Nebe, Sebastian Neeb, Igor Oleinikov, Franziska Reinbothe, Sarah-Lena Rickert, Achim Riethmann, Thomas Scheibitz, Moritz Schleime, Sebastian Schrader, Wanda Stolle, Junior Toscanelli, Gavin Tremlett, Robert Vallekoop, Corinne von Lebusa und Detlef Waschkau.

There will be an exibition catalog.

Sandra Lange

November 14th - December 27th 2014


Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, November 14th, 8pm

Gallery Hans Tepe - Contemporary Art
Kolpingstraße 2
49401 Damme

By arrangement Monday - Friday 3-6pm, Saturday 11am-1pm

Christian Holtmann

November 9th - December 7th 2014

Karin Kneffel with masterclass pupils
Paintings and Drawings

Opening reception for the artists:
November 9th 2014, 11:30am.

Kunstverein Lippe
Lippische Gesellschaft für Kunst
32756 Detmold

Karin Kneffel, Christian Holtmann, Felix Rehfeld, Marina Schulze, Martin Spengler, Sibylle Springer.


Sandra Lange


October 30th - November 2nd 2014

Gallery Heinz Holtmann, Cologne

Kunst Zürich

8050 Zürich

Opening times:
Thursday, October 30th 4pm-10pm
Friday, October 31st 12am - 9pm
Saturday, November 1st 11am - 7pm
Sunday, November 2nd 11am - 7pm

Christian Holtmann

October 28th - November 8th 2014
Opening reception for the artist:
October 30th, 6pm

"tra tra tra"

Hongkongstraße 8
20457 Hamburg

Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday 12am - 18pm


ZOTT Artspace

Was Malerei bedeuten kann #2

Matthias Franz, Paul Mittler, Tim Sandow, Tallal Shammout, Katarina Spielmann, Antony Valerian

Aus der Klasse Daniel Richter
Kurator: Günther Oberhollenzer (Landesgalerie Niederösterreich)

20. Oktober - 25. November 2018

Eröffnung am Freitag 19. Oktober, 19 - 22 Uhr

ZOTT Artspace
Türkenstraße 16-20
80333 München

Marc Podawczyk

Group Exhibition
September 5th - November 9th 2014

"RuhrKunstSzene – Die Kunstszene zwischen Ruhr und Emscher"
a project of "RuhrKunstmuseen"

Kunsthalle Recklinghausen
Große-Perdekamp-Straße 25
45657 Recklinghausen
Tue. to Sun. 11 am - 6 pm

The exhibition of the arts centre of Recklinghausen presents 14 picturesque positions which pick out as a central theme all colour as a colour: Without them painting is not to be thought, they belong to the being of painting. However, to make the colour even on the subject of a picture and not only to show something with colours, was left to the modern age and found its most logical stamping in the monochrome picture draughts in the second half of the 20th century. Works from Christoph Bangert, Susanne Cirkel, Kuno Gonschior, Dirk Hupe, Hartwig Kompa, Daniela Löbbert, Willi Otremba, Jürgen Paas, Frank Piasta, Marc Podawczyk, Johann-Peter Scharloh, Susanne Stähli, Elly Valk-Verheijen and Rudolf Vombek are shown.

Christian Holtmann

September 15th - September 30th 2014

"+50% auf alles"

Opening reception for the artist:
September 15th, 7pm

Stadtgalerie "Alte Post"
Stephanstraße 4

Achim Riethmann, Robert Sturmhoevel, Verena Waldmüller

September 11th - September 14th 2014


Wilstorfer Strasse 71 / Tor 2
21073 Hamburg/Harburg

Thursday 11/09  7pm - 12 pm
Friday      12/09  noon - 9 pm
Saturday 13/09   11am - 11pm
Sunday   14/09   11am - 8 pm

From the 11th to the 14th of September the P/ART creates a space for independent artists once more: The artists cover the phoenix's space Hamburg-Harburg and present their works from painting, installation, photograph, film and performance on more than 4000 square metres. Also this year the P/ART will offer a platform for the reflexion, the purchase and the discussion of art to their visitors.The choice of the participant artists occurred under more than 600 entries through a jury.

Marc Podawczyk

July 9th 2014

"Kunstsymposium art excellence"
Auctioneer: Markus Eisenbeis, Geschäftsführer Auktionshaus Van Ham

Kap Europa
Osloer Straße 5
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Achim Riethmann


15. Juni 2014 bis 15. September 2014

"I love Art from Berlin"

Gallery Karin Sutter
Rebgasse 27
4058 Basel

Esther Ernst, Matthias Gálvez, Johannes Heisig, Carsten Kaufhold, Lars Möller, Thomas Offhaus, Achim Riethmann Ute Schendel, Tanja Selzer, Robert Stieghorst, André Wagner, Vincent Wenzel, Anne Westphal

Lev Khesin

July 9th - July 26th 2014

Opening reception: July 8th, 6-9pm


Foro Buonaparte, 60
20121 Milan – Italy

Artists: Lev Khesin und Nigel Holohan

Sandra Lange


April 6th - May 24th 2014


Opening reception: Sunday, April 6th, 12am-3pm

Gallery Heinz Holtmann
Anna-Schneider-Steig 13
50678 Köln - Rheinauhafen

Neben seinem in über 30 Jahren etablierten Programm mit Größen der internationalen Kunst (Arnulf Rainer, Daniel Spoerri, Arman, Andy Warhol, Sigmar Polke, Tony Cragg) zeigt Heinz Holtmann in seiner Galerie immer wieder auch junge Kunst, die ihm aufgefallen ist. Diesmal dabei: WILHELM BEERMANN, MIRI KIM, SANDRA LANGE, NICO MARES und MARIUS WUEBBELING

Robert Sturmhoevel


February 4th - March 14th 2014

„Interventionen 2014“

Opening reception: February 4th 2014, 6pm
Monday - Thursday, 9am-5pm
Friday, 9am-2pm

Regierungspräsidium Kassel
Steinweg 6
34117 Kassel

Bereits zum dreizehnten Mal jährt sich die Ausstellung im Regierungspräsidium Kassel. Studierende der Kunsthochschule setzen sich auf Einladung von Mitarbeiter/innen des Regierungspräsidiums mit diesem eher exotischen Ort für eine Ausstellung auseinander und entwickeln neue Positonen oder platzieren ihre Arbeiten in diesem ungewohnten Kontext.

Till Julian Huss, Christian Holtmann, Lev Khesin, Mike MacKeldey & Ellen DeElaine, Michael Peltzer

Sparkasse Karlsruhe Ettlingen
December 6th 2013 - February 14th 2014 (with arrangement)

"Junge Kunst"

Opening reception: December 5th 2013, 7pm
(with invitation)
address of welcome: Sparkassendirektor Lutz Boden (corporate officer)
introduction: Dr. Kristina Hoge (arthistorian)

Kaiserstraße 225
76133 Karlsruhe

Tobias Köbsch

November 22nd - November 24th 2013


Opening reception, Friday, November 22nd 2013, 6pm
Saturday November 23rd and Sunday November 24th, 11am-5pm

Lippeltstraße 1
20097 Hamburg

Zum dritten mal präsentiert salondergegenwart Positionen der Gegenwartsmalerei.

Philipp Ackermann, Lydia Balke, Daniel Behrendt, Tine Benz, Nicole Bianchet, Birke Bonfert, Jessica Buhlmann, Jonas Burgert, Andy Denzler, Gabriel Dubois, Slawomir Elsner, Sabrina Fritsch, Glenn Geffken, Frank Gerritz, Martin Groß, Eckart Hahn, Daniel Hauptmann, Anton Henning, Franziska Holstein, Marcel Hüppauff, Stephan Kaluza, Kai Klahre, Franziska Klotz, Tobias Köbsch, Kirsi Mikkola, Hanna Nitsch, Christina Pasedag, Casandra Popescu, Anselm Reyle, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Peter Ruehle, Marina Sailer, Jens Schubert, Paul Schwer, Thomas Sommer, Konstantin Sotnikov, Dirk Springmann, Martin Stommel, Keiichi Tanaami, Jonas Weichsel und Bernd Zimmer.

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog im GUDBERG-Verlag

Michael Peltzer

Auction by Rotary Club Hamburg-Elbe

November 1st 2013

Dammtorstraße 12
20354  Hamburg
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr

Auctioneer: Kristian Jarmuschek
(Vorsitzender des Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler e.V.)

Christian Holtmann, Till Julian Huss, Lev Khesin, Tobias Köbsch, Mike MacKeldey & Ellen DeElaine, Michael Peltzer, Konstantin Sotnikov, Robert Sturmhoevel

Group exhibition
October 10th - October 13th 2013


First view on Thursday, October 10th at 7pm (after prior arrangement)
Opening preview on Friday, 11th of October, 7pm – 9pm

Opening times:
Saturday 12 – 7pm
Sunday 12 – 7pm

Heyne Fabrik
Lilistrasse 83
63067 Offenbach

With “JUNGE POSITIONEN”, the Evelyn Drewes Galerie is tying back in with the successful exhibition “Made in Germany“ in 2012 in London and showing art by selected young artists in spaces other than the galleries in Hamburg and Berlin. This year, the Rhine-Main region and the Heyne Kunst Fabrik in Offenbach have been chosen as the venue.

Works featured are by artists studying at the art academies and colleges in the German cities of Bremen, Münster, Hamburg, Kassel, Düsseldorf, Halle and Berlin.

Christian Holtmann, Robert Sturmhoevel

Producer trade show
September 19th - September 22nd 2013


Opening preview on Thursday, 19th September, 7pm

Opening times:
Friday: 12 – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 9pm
Saturday: 10pm party (open end)

On the site of the Kolbenhof
Friedensallee 128
(in the Bahrenfeld district of Hamburg)

The P/ART is launching as a producer trade show for young artists. It brings together young artists and a public interested in art, creating a place in which creative processes are made visible. 

The selection of 71 artists from more than 200 entries was made by a jury.

Robert Sturmhoevel

Exhibition for the final round of the Kunstgenerator Kunststipendium
September 1st - September 22nd 2013


Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday from 3pm – 6pm
Sunday from 11am – 6pm
Free admission

Städtische Galerie im Park
Rathauspark 1
41747 Viersen

The works being shown are by those artists in the final round of the Kunstgenerator Kunststipendium. On 11 September, the decision will be announced as to which of the exhibiting artists has received the scholarship being awarded. Those in the final round are:
Marcia Lodonou, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Isabelle von Schilcher, Kunstakademie Münster
Antje Seeger, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
Katja Kottmann, Kunstakademie Münster and
Robert Sturmhoevel, Kunsthochschule Kassel.

The jury who selected these finalists were: Prof. Dirk Löbbert, Prof. Gereon Krebber, Dr. Anette Kruszynski, Frank Kindervatter (NEW) and Jutta Pitzen (Stadt Viersen)

Kunstgenerator is an art scholarship that aims to support young artists beyond regional borders. It is advertised throughout Germany at art colleagues and academies. For a period of one year, the receiver of the scholarship will be given a studio and an apartment in the Alte Lateinschule building in the centre of the town free of charge.

They also receive a monthly subsistence allowance of €800. At the end of their stay there is a closing exhibition of their work in the Städtische Galerie im Park in Viersen. A catalogue is published with the exhibition.

Sandra Lange, Marc Podawczyk

September 6th to 15th 2013
at various exhibition spaces in Hamburg


Sandra Lange: Überseeboulevard and Virginia Haus, opening preview on 5 September at 7pm

Christian Muscheid, Marc Podawczyk: Fuhlentwiete 10, 4th floor, opening preview of "Who`s afraid of Colour" on 6 September at 7pm

Once again this year, the HAMBURG ART WEEK 2013 will be showing young up-and-coming and established Hamburg-based artists, plus international art from Hamburg’s twinned port cities, at public places in the city centre. The event – now in its third year – puts the city of Hamburg in the spotlight for ten days as a vibrant centre for the arts and culture. The theme “Bridge it” (2012) is being continued with the motto RE:TURN TO NOW, in which the focus is placed on connections between art and architecture.

Sandra Lange

Curated group exibition
September 2nd to 5th 2013


Opening preview:
Monday, September 2nd 2013, 18pm

Opening times:
daily from 6 pm

Kulturhaus III&70
Schulterblatt 73
20357 Hamburg

Achim Riethmann, André Giesemann & Daniel Schulz, Antje Blumenstein, Baltic Raw, Heiko Zahlmann, Isabelle von Schilcher, Jun Jiang, Sandra Lange & Nils Fischer, Silvia Iorio, Simon Menner, Thorsten Passfeld

Curator: Isabelle Meiffert

Tobias Köbsch

20. Leipziger Jahresausstellung
22 June – 14 July 2013


Opens: Friday 21 June 2013, 8pm

Opening times:
Tuesday to Friday from 3 – 8pm,
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 1 – 8pm,
closed on Mondays

Karl-Heine-Strasse 93
04229 Leipzig, Germany

Harald Alff, Benjamin Badock, Arno Bojak, Marek Brandt, Marc Dettmann, Wednesday Farris, Patrick Fauck, Prof. Sighard Gille, Jan Grossmann, Alexander Gutsche, Bertram Haude, Madeleine Heublein, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Jean Kirsten, Tobias Köbsch, Axel Krause, Corinne von Lebusa, Bastian Muhr, Thomas K. Müller, Enrico Niemann, Inka Perl, Mathias Perlet, Henrik Pillwitz, Wibke Rahn, Rainer Schade, Annette Schröter, Uwe Walter, Gerhard Wichler, Michael Zschocher

The prize for the Leipziger Jahresausstellung (“Leipzig Annual Exhibition”) will be awarded at the opening and is endowed by the Sparkasse Leipzig, the Elke und Thomas Loest Stiftung (Foundation) and the Doris-Günther-Stiftung (Foundation). It is dedicated to the art historian Peter Guth (1953-2004).

Sandra Lange

Pinakothek der Moderne
May 1st - May 20th 2013

"Rot. Glas. Raum."

Open daily except Mon+Tues, 12-8 pm, at the junction of Türkenstrasse and Gabelsbergerstrasse in Munich.

The Pinakothek der Moderne gallery is showing a glass container that has been created in collaboration with the artist Sandra Lange, the designer Nils Fischer and the glassworks Lamberts Waldsassen. The red, hand-blown flat glass discs form a unique space, a temporary architectural form with a special atmosphere, which is constantly transforming its interior and representing the colour red and the theme of transparency in a diverse way.

Lev Khesin

Kunstverein Bamberg
April 20th - May 21st 2013

"Klärt sich das Wasser, werden Fische sichtbar"

Private view on 19 April 2013 at 6pm, Kunstraum Kesselhaus, Untere Sandstrasse in Bamberg.

From 20 April to 21 May 2013, the Kunstverein Bamberg is holding a solo exhibition with works by Lev Khesin. The association and Evelyn Drewes | Galerie are co-publishing a catalogue to coincide with the exhibition. The works will then by shown from 7 June until 8 August in the Evelyn Drewes | Galerie.

Lev Khesin was born in Pensa, Russia, in 1981. Since 1999 he has been living and working in Berlin where he studied at the University for the Arts as a master student under Frank Badur.

Robert Sturmhoevel


March 22nd 2013


Private view: 6pm at the Kulturbahnhof Südflügel

With the trilogy HORIZONTAL - VERTIKAL – DIAGONAL, the project “387 Quadratmeter” kicks off its exhibition series in the south wing of the Kulturbahnhof in Kassel.

After the exhibition HORIZONTAL, VERTIKAL is now taking the opening up of the space one step further:  A new wall system enables vertical presentation of works. Pieces by 15 artists document current positions in painting. The selection of works is focused here on figurative references to reality in the broadest sense. It encompasses a variety of possible ways in which to relate to the world in terms of painting with object-based concepts.

Michael Fieseler, Rolf Gerner, Sven Krolczik, Andrea Müller-Osten, Christine Reinckens, Judit Rozsas, Ralf Scherfose, Silke Schöner, Johannes Schramm, Robert Sturmhoevel, H.D. Tylle, Frederike Vidal & Judith Groth, Philipp Weber, Mathias Weis

Gallery Weekend Hamburg

March 22nd - 24th 2013

14 galleries in the Kontorhausviertel invite anyone interested to walk around their exhibitions.

Private view | Friday 22 March | 6.00 - 10.00pm.
Saturday 23 March, 1.00 - 6.00pm
and all-day Sunday trading on 24 March, 1.00 - 6.00 pm with tours and discussions with the artists.

Q&A WITH ARTIST Robert Sturmhoevel on Saturday 23 March, 2pm, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie

GALLERY TOURS (lasting approx. 2.5 hours)
with Belinda Grace Gardner, freelance critic and curator.
Saturday 23 March, 2pm.
Sunday 24 March, 1pm.
Please register by sending an email to
and including your mobile phone number.
Entrance fee is €10.