precisely repairedprecisely repaired
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Franziska Reinbothe

precisely repaired

Flying Opening 19. March, 4-9 pm
20. March - 21. April 2021

Franziska Reinbothe stays close to the conventional "panel painting" and at the same time - in the literal sense - breaks strongly with it. Her works raise the question of what a picture is. In painting, for example, she is interested in the back of a picture and its edges. To make these visible, she compresses canvases, exposes stretcher frames or does without them altogether. She stretches, folds, breaks, cuts or sews her pictures after the painting process is finished. The reshaping is done and the work completed.

The title precisly repaired is an allusion with a wink to the treatment of the materials by the artist. For her, the works are liberated from their original rigid, rectangular, flat appearances. The canvases are not, as one might assume at first glance, wildly hammered together, but precisely repaired. Reinbothe confronts chaos with precision and destruction with repair.