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Robert Lanz

"Lab I/2018"

February 2nd - March 7th 2018
opening reception for the artist on february 1st at 6 PM

We are looking forward to opening this year our new exhibition series lab with Robert Lanz.

As part of the exhibition format "lab", the gallery also brings established contemporary positions, which are not constantly represented in their own program, to Hamburg.

Robert Lanz was born in Poland and completed his studies in fine arts at the UdK Berlin as a master student of the internationally renowned painter Prof. Leiko Ikemura.

At first glance, his pictures are reminiscent of cosmic landscapes. The process behind them is as complex as the composition of the picture - after Robert Lanz primed the canvas, numerous layers still follow. Occasionally, the material is attacked, scraped or glued. The mostly dark color palette is covered with finely glittering crystals. The resulting shimmering mother-of-pearl effect looks like grainy ash. Not infrequently, a Japanese-looking ink veil topped his pictures, through whose nebulization the view of the observer is clouded. Although Lanz works rarely carry a title, if the painter decides but for a name - for example, in his work "Fokushima" and the portrait "Andy Warhol" - that happens quite consciously. The viewer transmits his associations to the image, thereby expanding his own reflection and immersing himself in the world of thought and emotions of the artist.