was malerei bedeuten kannwas malerei bedeuten kann
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Great 10 year anniversary


Venue Evelyn Drewes | Galerie – Hamburg
(„what paintings can stand for“)
Class of Daniel Richter
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Opening reception: September 7th, 6 - 9 PM
Run-time: September 8th - October 12th 2018

Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer
(Curator of the new art museum in Krems)

Matthias Franz, Paul Mittler, Tim Sandow,
Tallal Shammout, Katarina Spielmann,
Antony Valerian

How does painting position itself in a world in which the role of the image has fundamentally changed? For a long time it had the monopoly on the big, colorful and powerful image. But then it was replaced by photography as the new main medium of the image. Nevertheless, until far into the 20th century, painting remained the undisputed main medium of art. In recent decades, however, that has changed permanently. The perception of the world has become multimedia. Also in art. And yet, a look through art academies and studios, a walk through galleries and art fairs is enough to conclude that painting, despite all prophecies of doom, is more alive than ever. This is also the case in Vienna, where the German painter Daniel Richter has been teaching painting at the Academy of Fine Arts since 2006. Five artists and one artist from his class play the exhibition in the Evelyn Drewes Gallery with a wide range of artistic expressions and themes. They show that the painted picture has lost none of its vital artistic potential. On the contrary, their authentic and credible painterly imagery reveals that painting will probably always remain one of the most immediate expressions of artistic creativity and imagination.

(Günther Oberhollenzer)