Evelyn Drewes | Galerie

Since 2008 the Evelyn Drewes | Galerie in Hamburg has been showing contemporary art with a focus on figurative painting. While the gallery initially worked exclusively with emerging artists, most artists are currently in the middle of their career. The exhibition program focuses on and explores various technical and aesthetic concepts of painting beyond the currents of the art market. The gallery's cooperation with art schools enables the discovery of emerging artists and the resulting exhibitions.

Within the framework of the "lab" exhibition format, the gallery brings contemporary positions to Hamburg that are not permanently represented in the gallery programme.

In the "Meisterschüler" exhibitions, renowned professors show their own selection of former master students in cooperation with the gallery - most recently master students of Karin Kneffel (2016) and Leiko Ikemura (2017).

The format "Klassenausstellungen" has a long tradition; once a year the gallery leaves its entire premises to the students of a renowned art academy. From first-year students to master students, the broad spectrum of each class is presented, free and independent of the academy context. The class is given the opportunity to curate the exhibition in collaboration with their professor and to realize their artistic visions. Thus, successful exhibitions have already been shown in recent years with the classes of Ayse Erkmen (Münster Art Academy), Ottmar Hörl (Nuremberg Art Academy), Stephan Balkenhol (Karlsruhe Art Academy) and Katharina Fritsch (Düsseldorf Art Academy). In 2018 we had students from the class of Daniel Richter (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) as guests. The exhibition was curated by Günther Oberhollenzer, curator of the Landesgalerie Niederösterreich.

In addition to the intensive development and support of a permanent artist base, national and international cooperations with art spaces, galleries, museums, curators and companies are initiated time and again. With exhibitions such as "Made in Germany" in London (2012), "Young Positions" in Frankfurt / Offenbach (2013) or through projects e.g. with the Private Banking of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe (2013-2015), we see the opportunity to present our young artists to a larger audience. In 2015/16, an ambitious project was realized together with partners - the operation of an open art space in Hamburg with a generous exhibition area of 600 sqm: Under the name "Gerson Höger Galerie", selected participants and the winners of the national competition "Students exhibit" were shown. In cooperation with the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen an exhibition of the art award "junger westen" was realized. Together with partners from Kassel, works by 43 artists from different generations of Fritz Schwegler's renowned class were brought to Hamburg. Established curators, experienced artists and renowned exhibition houses were at their side as committed partners. In 2017, the two-part exhibition series "the human aspect - 19 contemporary figurative positions" was shown in Hamburg in the Barlach Halle K in cooperation with the Dresden gallery Ursula Walter.