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Stefan Krauth

"Watchlist II/2019"

Vernissage September 06, 6 pm
Saisoneröffnung der Galerien im Kontorhausviertel

September 07 - October 18, 2019

The 15-part photo series Nature was created for the PORTRAITS - Hellerau Photography Award 2017 at the Europäisches Zentrum der Künste in Dresden, where the artist emerged as a prizewinner. Based on Cindy Sherman's photographic self-portraits, the artist stages himself through costuming and different environments. The result is a colorful mix of 15 shades of Stefan Krauth.

In his pictures, Stefan Krauth travels to places that appear strange and rapturous through his gaze and thus, in a way, often use a cliché of the exotic, which, in turn, because it is worn down by its frequent repetition in the mass media. can serve as a trigger and projection surface of true sensations. Krauth quotes these artificial longing worlds corrupted by commercial intentions and hollow exaggerations. These are photographs that reflect photography. Their technical means have a dual function, they are media of illusion and criticize themselves, even while they are pleased with the deception achieved, themselves. Maybe that's why they are so well suited to navigation. But it is the shifts in the coordinates that Krauth decides to take him beyond the boundaries of the known world. The adventure lies very close to the seemingly familiar, it only needs a shift of the gaze. Stefan Krauth photographs photographs, and to some extent these photographs consist of several photographs that are linked together: a landscape gets a new sky, a figure is moved into a strange environment. Sometimes images appear in images that refer to the function of images as carriers of yearnings, such as commercials or a picture on the wall of a room. Again and again windows and landscape views take
the function of pictures in the picture.
Decisive for his way of working is a certain blurriness, which he achieves by various means. It results in the fact that the photos are photographed from a screen. [...]
Krauth composes his works taking into account color gradations and contrasts, but also often by centralizing individual colors and making them protagonists of the composition. In some works, they increase and start to shine. In their intensity, they demand attention like the staged dream worlds of advertising and entertainment with their prefabricated adventures. By Krauth's specific treatment, however, the individual hues are combined to form a complete picture in which a cool basic mood dominates. It results from the photographic process and, like this, provides distance. This is a deliberate distance that triggers a longing to overcome it, and at the same time can be understood as a reference to the process of the media's creation. (Holger Birkholz)